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Nasi Goreng Petai Pataya


Nasi Goreng
Petai Pataya

How quick?

< 20 min

Main ingredient?

Mee, beehoon etc.






1 bowl steamed rice
150g chicken breasts meat
5 prawns
3 red onions
4 garlic
2 bird’s eye chilis (cili padi)
1/2 cup stink beans (petai)
1 tsp anchovy powder
1 tsp Mahsuri Oyster Flavoured Sauce
1 tbsp Mahsuri Hot Sweet Soy Sauce
2 eggs (cook with rice)
2 eggs (as rice wrap)

Product(s) used:


    1. Saute onion, garlic, anchovy powder and bird’s eye chilis. Toss in the diced chicken meat.
    2. Add rice and stir in all the Mahsuri sauces.
    3. Crack 2 eggs in the middle and stir.
    4. Add prawns and petai. Dish up and keep aside.
    5. Crack 2 eggs and spread evenly to cover the wok or pan. Ensure that it is wide enough to wrap the fried rice.
    6. Place fried rice in the middle of the egg wrap. Fold and serve.

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