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Ayam Bermandi Kicap


Ayam Bermandi

How quick?

< 30 min

Main ingredient?






Ingredients A:

1 whole chicken (cut into 12)
30g corn starch
10g ground white pepper
1 egg

Ingredients B:

20g garlic
50g onions
20g ginger
50g scallions
2 red chillies
50g Mahsuri Oyster Flavored Sauce
50g Mahsuri Hot Sweet Soy Sauce

Product(s) used:


    1. Mix all ingredients A and marinate it for 15mins, and fry until cooked. Leave it awhile.
    2. Saute garlic, ginger, onions and scallions.
    3. Pour Mahsuri Oyster Flavored Sauce and Mahsuri Hot Sweet Soy Sauce with red chillies.
    4. Stir until the gravy turns thick and put in the fried chicken and mix well.
    5. Garnish with spring union and ready to serve.

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