Our Mission

Cooking must always be a win-win situation!

Life is becoming more challenging. Everyone is always chasing time, at work and at home. Especially for those who have to juggle both. Taking care of the kids and every meal for the whole family is not easy. Mahsuri makes it easier with our ‘bottled goodness’. These bottled goodness are easy to keep, convenient to use and saves you time on any recipe. You cook great–tasting meals faster, you win. You then have more time for yourself and the family, you win. Either way, it’s a win–win situation for everyone. Mmm… Mahsuri.

The Mahsuri Quality

Only our best for you

The soybeans we use are no ordinary beans. In our hot sweet soy sauce for example, we only use 100% non–GMO soybeans, and ferment them in the most natural of ways.

The oysters in our oyster sauce, are oysters par excellence. Farmed at our our own state–of–the–art farms and turned into exquisite oyster extracts nearby, each step was planned to deliver quality to you! Just like our black peppercorns. If they’re not the best from Sarawak, they’re not good enough for our sauces.

For convenience sauces that stand the test of taste and time, quality must be in everything, every step of the way, to the bottle. No compromise!

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